Thursday, March 26, 2009


Did anyone else know that DINOSAUR JR. had signed with JAGJAGUWAR and have a new album, "Farm", due out in June?!

I mean way to have an all time classic favourite band get into bed with a modern all time classic favourite record label.

Can you imagine Black Mountain (or Pink Mountaintops) and Dinosaur Jr touring together??!

Am I late on this mindblowing concept?


james said...

Had no idea...and like you, I'm wondering why I'm just finding out. thank you for the good news. Really digging JS. Keep up the great posts...

P.M said...

hey James, thanks man! I'm glad you spend some time here... seems only fair the amount of browsing I do on Secret Forts!

It's insane that I didn't know that DINO would be joining one of my favourite labels, AND putting out a new album. Summer just got so much more promising.

Anyway, maybe one of these days we'll catch up in real life. Until then.... I'll keep checking the site!