Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I missed this. But I'm still excited for the 14th of June.

What is it like to play solo on this in-store tour when many of the new songs are so fully orchestrated?

It's been real intense. For me at least. I don't know if people can see what is in my face. I've been sitting down for these shows as its easier to play a complicated guitar part if you can sit down. And the people crowd in and stare at you like in a zoo. Which is fine, I belong in a zoo. I'm only playing the slower songs from the record. I've been driving all day by myself then i show up late at the store. Everyone's waiting. I basically step out of the 70 MPH vehicle onto a stage and start playing these slow songs while my head is reeling. I get dizzy from driving.

Have you ever felt pressure to not be happy so you can write sad songs?


Do you like to write and sing about your emotions?

Ha ha! Good one! Emotions!

Who is the "we" in Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle?

It's a generic we. Like "We Are The Champions."

How is Texas life?

I still like it there. But there's lots of places to like, y'know? I like the thunderstorms, the swimming holes, the live oaks, the coyotes and foxes.



A A D D A A M M C C said...

a much better seat

P.M said...


Hey man, what you up to the next few days? We need to hang. Shred Saturday? Promise not to flake this time.

Off today if you're around....