Monday, August 10, 2009



Newsprint Poster. 30" x 22". 50lb Paperstock. CMYK Offset Printed.
Edition of 1000.

Design by DTE STUDIO.

$5 Plus Shipping.

We produced this poster in advance of Marcelo's book "Taciturn Heart", which should be available in September. It features one large color image of a seascape, and folds into a smaller sizing with a cover and inside black and white image.

It's beautiful, and I'm proud to have it be the second official SLEEVES COMMONWEALTH PRESS release.

For the moment they can be purchased from here, or on our BIGCARTEL site while the website is being finished. I'll post up stockist information in the coming days, for those of you in New York (and perhaps further afield). If you know of anywhere you think might be a good fit for Sleeves releases please let us know.

P.S. The shipping costs are rough right now as I haven't been to the post office to send out one of these things yet, so a heads up that this may change once I've sent out the first couple.


SBN said...

very nice, one of these days i have to pick one up.

P.M said...

One of these days?! Make plans to do so dude.

Peter said...

they look great! send me oneeee.