Monday, September 7, 2009

Michael Leon.

Silkscreen on Found Posters, by Michael Leon.

{The OG Rasa Libre was, for the most part, the last interesting skateboard company to me. Or at least the last one I really cared about. There was a two year period where their boards were all I skated. Anyway the mastermind behind the artwork and design was MICHAEL LEON and I've been a huge fan of his ever since. He had a great little show in London a few years ago, mid Rasa, and I was blown away with how he transformed a tiny little basement beneath a little skateboard shop. Still holding a torch}.

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A A D D A A M M C C said...

dude, i just finished lurking on his site and seen this. we are often on the same page my friend. wish we could have bonded on this dude earlier. i have a hand # stacks shirt from 99. hah. so good. wish i would have bought something at the red 5 here in sf back in 02 or 03. he posted a bunch of new shirts the other day and then pulled it down? seen them in his rss feed though. real good stuff.