Friday, February 26, 2010

Rough Travel

{Pre Ordered. A live record from Bill Callahan, to be released at the end of March. Featuring songs recorded throughout his carrier, from Smog To Bill. Shit, take a look at this Best Of looking tracklist:

Our Anniversary; Diamond Dancer; Bowery; Held; Say Valley Maker; In The Pines; Cold Blooded Old Times; Rock Bottom Riser; Let Me See The Colts; The Well; Bathysphere.

Aside from a couple of additions, that would pretty much be the list of songs I'd put on a CD for someone who had never heard him before. Amazing. Weird that there's nothing from the newest album on there though... and I Break Horses wouldn't go amiss}

A big thank you to WALTER (see post below) for making me aware of this.


Walter said...

You know what's great about Bill Callahan - I know I'll be listening to him when i'm 75. Timeless.

Zoe Marianne Berg said...

what walter said. heart bill for life. x