Wednesday, August 11, 2010


{So I've always tried to keep the two worlds seperate, for the most part anyway, but the names gave it away to those in the know. You'll notice, or have noticed, that OCEAN HOWL has been in limbo for a long time. I finally found the motivation to pull the plug today.

I'd like to think, as a shot in the dark, that Ocean might have inspired the colour-scheme at least.

PAUL BRABENEC is a good dude, and this is a great project; so if you need an hour or two of shred session motivation - these days, it seems like I'd need a solid month- you should be checking this thing out regularly. Hopefully I'll be helping with contributing here and there.

Ocean Howl is dead, long live These Video Days.

P.S. Hamilton says it all}

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J.R.C. said...

One month until the move, a month for attempting motivation. motivate-vate-vate. Good hanging out the other day, real nice. Mail rat. See you in a few weeks. woo!