Monday, September 20, 2010



Another little preview. This is the catalog we produced for the Before The Wilds show.

30 page zine-style unbound book.
Printed in black and white on grey stock.
Vellum paper interior index.
With white card stock, blind embossed letterpress covers.

Catalog includes a letter press insert, featuring one image by each of the 7 artists, printed in red ink, in an edition of 14.

The catalog itself is numbered in an edition of 98

$25 (including shipping in the US)

Information regarding purchase of these will follow shortly, but for now if you're interested in a copy you can see more HERE (we're thankful and humbled for the review) and email to order.

* Shown above is the Ye Rin Mok edition.


Ryan said...

I want one!

∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ said...

dang, that came out nice

P.M said...

ADAM: Thank you so much for the photos and the video. It looks so great. One in the mail to you: PRONTO.

RYAN: One waiting here for you, for sure.

jennilee said...

i would love to buy one too. looks awesome!

P.M said...


We're going to try and get some up in Vancouver pronto, but in the mean time shoot me an email and we'll get something sorted.