Monday, October 18, 2010


{I was fortunate enough to see these in the flesh on Saturday, and I have to say they came out really nice. It's great to see so many amazing outtakes from all the articles featured in the first two issues, not to mention a great way to "celebrate" each year as it passes for the magazine.

It's basically an annual.

A really good one.

Full colour newsprint, cardboard stock wrap-around cover. All sorts of awesome, and available at Partners & Spade and HERE. Right now.

Oh and Issue Three is practically days away... More on that to follow though}


TGF said...

Thanks mate; for this post, and all your hard work on Issue 03.


See you next week.

Bantik said...
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Bantik said...

I'd like to marry a man with aesthetics like yours. Sometimes I check your blog for inspiration.

Keep up the good work!