Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alligator Country.

{Photos taken from HERE}

So for a change the Radio Silence around here last week was for good reason: Myself, LBF, and MR DAVID DEL PILAR POTES, spent (the start of) the week in the company of MARK CARRY.

An extremely generous and hospitable host.

We ate good, not so good, and amazing food, picked Oranges, or maybe Tangerines, from trees, skimmed around rivers in Airboats, and held baby Alligators. Some of us also got drunk enough to forget how they got home, while others made off with some extremely well-made canvas goods.

Photos from the trip to follow, but mostly: See the results HERE, in a couple of months.

Thanks "Mark", we had an amazing time.

Oh and download THIS. Because it's awesome.

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