Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Jason Gregory, of MAKR, shot by DAVE POTES

Winter Park, Florida. February 2011.

ISSUE FOUR arrived from the printers yesterday, which means it's out today. At least online, or if you live in Vancouver.

The rest of the world will see it shortly.

Myself included.

Still more to come, but above is a large part of my input this time around.


Walter said...

Read through this last night - great interviews with Jason and Callahan: two steady-working inspiring individuals.

Looking forward to a pacific northwest visit from you lads sometime in the future.

P.M said...

Walter: Glad you enjoyed both. I haven't seen either in print yet so am still a little nervous to see them and have them out there... hopefully I did both those guys proud.

Both are definitely steady-working and inspiring.

As for a PNW trip: I'd really love to tag along when Jason heads up there, so I'm going to see about making that happen.

I assume you mean the two of us, if you were referring to Bill, then I don't think I'm quite at the point of inviting him on a trip!

Although I'm sure we'd all have a good time, should he decide to join us... I bet he reads Old Chum.

If Jane said...

inventory is a class act magazine...

Walter said...

You should bring Bill along and we'll get him to perform in the shop. That's a tall order right there. We can dream can't we?

Keep me posted on your PNW plans.

sleepydz said...

lemme see lemme see