Monday, May 30, 2011

New Mexico

One of my favourite things about the work I've been lucky enough to do for INVENTORY has been that, in doing a few things here and there, I've been able to bring in friends, and talented people I know, to contribute to various articles. The first person I called on, back in issue two, was NICHOLAS HAGGARD. Nick's photos have always been outstanding and he's also one of the very best people I know. After the first contribution I worked with Nick again for a shoot my WIFE styled and Simon and I art directed called Stayed North Too Long. That was for issue 3 and is still one of my favourite things any of us have done for the magazine.

This time around, for issue 4, Nick went big. Simon and Ryan asked him to come along on Ryan's trip to New Mexico with Yuki Matsuda from MEG COMPANY. The photo's Nick shot on that trip, and that were featured in the subsequent article, rank as some of my favourites from Nick's extensive body of work.

Luckily being friends with contributors still has its perks, and Nick sent along some outtakes for me to share.

The photos above are a mix of images from the print article and some that have not been seen before.

I can't stress highly enough the need to see these on paper, away from your computer screen, up close, and IN PRINT.

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