Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beaches One

One of the best parts of having friends come and stay (Thank you Ali and Pete for being great house guests, and for showing us good times in our own backyards) is that it more often than not forces you to do things you'd otherwise find a way to convince yourself are either too time consuming, too difficult, too expensive, or will somehow get in the way of the other things you have to do, during the two days off life here allows.

A little under week ago now, we took the 7:50am train to Montauk.

We hadn't checked the schedule after that, and as it turned out this was a good thing. The only train back was at 10:30pm that night. I wont't talk about the misery of that particular train journey here, or anywhere else for that matter, because the day was too perfect to waste the time.

A foggy and cloudy beach, running straight into the freezing water, the sun poking through around midday, Frisbee into the waves, beach sculptures (haveI found my true calling?), cheeseburger lunches, white wine, drift wood and beach fires.

There's not a lot more you could want.

The above photos come from the talented, and wonderful JODY ROGAC who has become a great friend and ally to us both in recent times. She came along for the trip and made everything look just as good as it really was. Some of it better.


Jody Rogac said...

So well written Phil! A lovely day it was, indeed :)

Ali said...

We're all f*cking winners!!!!

Thanks P/N/J - That day was amazing, totally. Best time of 2011 thus far. We all need to be a bit more international a bit more often.

muchtoomuch said...

true calling indeed!!! beautiful.

elias said...

the life!!