Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So today is a music day. I suppose. Or more a crazy fucking drumming day. Which is fine with me, but rare for this place.

What's strange is that for some reason I've never really looked through YouTube before for anything much music related. Which is a little weird as there's some really great stuff hidden around.

Today was my day spent on YouTube. Watching live shows from bands I never got to see in the flesh.

Anyway, when BLACK EYES released their first self-titled album on Dischord I was totally blown away. It's really not for everybody, but at the time this was the perfect album for me. It was everything I wanted to listen to right then and there, and was on a pretty heavy rotation for the following 12 months.

2 Drummers, 2 Bass Players, 1 Guitarist, and a minimum of 2 vocalists at any one time. Loud. Really Loud.

Anyway, one follow-up album - the underrated COUGH- later and the band broke up. I never was able to catch them live (which is something that still haunts me to this day) but for the moment I'm relishing in the fact that three-fifths of the band are now playing as MI AMI who happen to be touring next month and playing a show here in New York, @ the Cake Shop with another great noisy band: THANK YOU.

Back to the YouTubing though: Below is a cool little behind the scenes video from the band recording their S/T debut at Inner Ear with Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara, and it's pretty rad if you're a fan boy of either the band, or the label:

How fucking sick is it they recorded all that shit live? No over-dubs, just quick instrument changeovers and chaos?

HERE is the finished version of the song they were working on recording: Yes, I Confess. Which is by no means the best song on the album. That honor almost certainly falls to: Deformative.

Which can be found HERE, along with the rest of the album.

Linking that is like spitting in the eye of Ian MacKaye. I'm going to hell.

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