Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bulletin Board:

We need a gang of restless friends.

We need people to converse with; with humor, intelligence, respect and meaning.

We need to laugh at each other.

We need ideas.

We need somewhere to drink.

We need to sit around, in apartments and on terraces, the backs of taxis and the fronts of planes. Talking. Loudly.

We need to make everything.

We need to keep everything.

We need to throw everything away.

We need people who own credit cards that earn lots of air miles.


concrete and wood said...

its not that everyday you find fancy planes.
further more the older one gets the more trips friends take.
further more. or lets say more over. the trips to come or the miss landed trips tto come or the over priced taxi rides or the rides in cars with drivers or the pick-up truck yet to be purchased.
further more one gets older and those things become a daily theme or a practice.
so say that friendship rewinds and winter ends and things happen and fundraisers come about.
further more or lets say more over. the wanting is good. things happen. positive rewards olden thoughts.

P.M said...


I put the penis up.