Tuesday, October 6, 2009


{Anyone have any idea why Blogger keeps pixelating (a word?) the shit out of almost every photo I post? It's starting to really bum me out.

In other news: Fuck Blogger}

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Theo said...

yeah hey, look, i have no idea why or how that happens. it's pretty annoying and i'm wondering if you could help me at all. Any large photo i try to chuck on blogger just gets cropped/cut off to the wazoo by my stupd side bar with archives/links etc. do you have any idea how to remedy this without manually resizing the photos and checking/rechecking for their fit. (NB. when i use the blogger photo uploaded i do click 'small fit')

If you could help me, it'd be great. I have no idea who else to ask and you have heaps of photos.

Hey, take care either way and i enjoy your work.