Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Teeth.

So in keeping the good music posting going, a buddy of mine Brett Nelson has been working on a music project of his for a little while now. It's some good southern boy listening. Legit. So anyway, he sent me a few songs he's been working on recently and I figured they should be passed on to those who might be interested.

Show him some love HERE.

Sweet Tooth Nelson - "A Dream About Robbing a Bank With My Dream Girl"

Sweet Tooth Nelson - "Heaven"

Sweet Tooth Nelson - "Honest"

{The above photos were all sent aong with the songs in emails from Brett. Make of them, and his mind, what you will. Good shit}.

P.S. Dude can take a mean PHOTOGRAPH too.

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tooth said...

dang dude, thanks yall for showing me love.