Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shiver (Again)



If you live in Chicago, you can now find S.C.P releases at GOLDEN AGE. Or at least you can find one release: MARCELO'S POSTER.

PS. Thank you to everyone who has ordered one and for those of you who waited ages for it to arrive in the mail: I'm sorry. Being in Texas made things hard.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wishful Financial Thinking.




In keeping with a deep-seated family custom, Julio's sexual initiation was negotiated, at ten thousand pesos, with Isidora, with cousin Isidora, who after a point was no longer called Isidora, nor was she Julio's cousin. All the men in the family had been with Isidora, who was still young, with miraculous hips and a certain leaning towards romanticism, who agreed to attend to them, although she was no longer what is referred to as a whore, a whore-whore: now, and she always strove to make this clear, she worked as a lawyers secretary.

At the age of fifteen Julio met cousin Isidora, and he continued to meet with her during the years that followed, in the context of special gifts, when he insisted on it enough, or when his father's brutality abated and, as a result, the period came known as the period of fatherly remorse, immediately followed by the period of fatherly guilt, whose most fortunate consequence was economic generosity. It goes without saying the Julio nearly fell in love with Isidora, that he cared for her, and that she, briefly moved by the young reader who dressed in black, treated him better than the others she was with, that she spoiled him, that she educated him, in a fashion.

Only at the age of twenty did Julio begin to approach women his age as potential lovers, with limited success but enough to decide to leave Isidora. To leave her, of course, in the same way one quits smoking or gambling at the racetrack. It wasn't easy, but months before that second night with Emilia, Julio already considered himself free of the vice.

That second night, then, Emelia was in competition with a unique rival, although Julio never went so far as to compare them, in part because there was no possible comparison and also due to the fact that Emelia turned out to become, officially, the only love of his life, and Isidora, barely, an old and agreeable source of pleasure and suffering. When Julio fell in love with Emelia all the pleasure and suffering previous to the pleasure and suffering that Emelia brought him turned into simple imitations of true pleasure and suffering.

{From Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra}

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back To Back

{Last night at Mark's opening}

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If We're Pioneers.

If We're Pioneers
September 25-October 19, 2009
Reception: Friday, Sept. 25th, 6-8pm

{Mark Borthwick is having a show at HALF GALLERY, which opens tomorrow night. I had no idea it was happening until I walked by today and saw Mark hanging work for the show. As always it's sure to be amazing, and a catalog will be available for sale at the show. Apparently Mark has another new book coming out in about a month too}

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


To yelp: open your mouth. Convulse your stomach, as you would before a belch, or before vomiting. Now form a word, a thousand words, but emit none. In place of the words you might attempt, make a sound. The sound is a combination of three sounds. Each of these represents a third of your yelp.

First: there is the shrieking sound you might make if you hit your head on the bottom edge of an open kitchen-cabinet door. It is sudden, high pitched, angry. It speaks of the stupidity of pain.

Second: there is a whining aspect. Imagine that you have not slept in many days, and after those many days, you are punched in the gut. Then you are told to run over that hill yonder and back. When you return you are punched in the sternum. You ask for mercy. They laugh and kill your dog. They break the objects you care about. This is the whine to keep in mind. This is exhaustion.

Third: the last factor of your yelp is the moan. The moan is the moan of powerlessness. The moan is shock in the face of natural horror. A landslide. An avalanche. Brutality. A flood. Machetes. This portion of your yelp says that you did not think you could be surprised or overwhelmed, but you have been proven wrong. You did not think that, after seeing some ten thousand or so murders on television, after reading so much history, that anything could stick its fist through you. But you have been proven wrong. You did not want to be proven wrong.

When you combine these three things- the shriek, the whine, the moan- and condense them into a sharp burst that originates in your liver and expels itself from your body via all six to seven different orifices at once, you have yelped.

Yelping cannot be practiced or forced. Yelping will come only when provoked.

The yelp is efficient. The yelp says a great deal with great economy. The words, questions and statements which are encompassed in one quick yelp: Fuck! Shit! Piss! How could you? How could you? How do your hands do such things? I won't believe it. Stop it now. Please stop it now. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Motherfuckers! Animals! That poor man. Those poor women. Look at her arms. Look at his face. I cannot believe it. I will not believe it. Those bastards. Those motherfucking bastards. This is not how it should be. Nothing should ever be like this. Goddamn all this. I give up. No, I will fight. No I will give up. No I will fight.

{From "When They Learned To Yelp" from How We Are Hungry (again!) by David Eggers}

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


{You know, a good T-Shirt is often overlooked. TODAY'S PURCHASES. Happy to be supporting a worth while cause from back home: PALACE}


VILLLLLLLE from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

{So I've heard various reports about Mr Vile not being all that great live, and so up until now I've not had the pleasure of finding out for myself. This has me a little bit closer. What do you think? I'm not sure I care one way or the other, I'm too busy being stoked on the 7" I picked up yesterday, and the anticipation of his new album OUT SOON on Matador Records}


Monday, September 21, 2009


{My (internet) friend Jason makes amazing stuff. This bag is just a small part of a bigger picture. If you need a new wallet, or something to carry something else around in, I suggest talking to him. Everything is made in the US, by hand, in small numbers}



{Kyle from WRUGS was kind enough to send me a link to their new EP, " Pass The Time Please", which like the first they've happily put online for a free download. CLICK HERE FOR IT. It's great}

Friday, September 18, 2009


{Of course. But mostly for The Lady}


Dirty Dancing

There were six kids in my family and all of them had severe emotional problems. For some odd reason we all had a great deal of self doubt and insecurities. One of the kids rose above he rest of us, his name is PATRICK SWAYZE. You might remember him from the movie THE OUTSIDERS.

Patrick was a kind hearted adolescent. He had a nervous twitch in high school and actually the surprising thing was that he was very shy around girls up until his 18th birthday. Patrick is a very self conscious person, just ask anyone.

But after Patrick started doing Ballet he seemed much more at ease around women. Patrick never wore toe shoes or tights, he was much more comfortable in socks and sweatpants.

A mistress is something between a master and a mattress.

{From The Collected Fanzines by Harmony Korine (and Mark Gonzales)}

Thursday, September 17, 2009

{Taken from Jai Tanju's FILM PORVIDA. Long over due post on this. Send him something in the mail, add yourself to the mix, and get shit back. Awesome. Everyone should do this. ADAM kinda does a mix version; see this years on the side panel of his blog. Mine is due this month. Working on it. Anyone interested in a print exchange through Julien? Anything goes. Let me know...}

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


{Anyone who knows me or has seen our apartment will know the two photos in here, that best illustrate how we (want to) live}