Friday, July 31, 2009


When I first began to toy around with the idea that has now, over a long period of time, become SLEEVES COMMONWEALTH PRESS one of the main concepts behind starting a small press of sorts was to not only put out art and photography books, but also small editions of anything and everything that I liked. To support people I knew who did good things. Things I liked by people I knew were doing it for the right reasons.

So alongside books you can also expect to see CD-R's, records, zines, posters, shirts, lookbooks, and anything else I can collaborate with people on that represents what it is that they're doing (so well) with their time.

Things always take longer than you think. Things get moved around and pushed back, and so now we finally have the first "release" from SLEEVES.

S.C.P I : the SAIL BY NIGHT album.

My friend Michael Murphy wrote and recorded a bunch of amazing songs over the last winter and is in the early stages of writing more (which will hopefully become the first SLEEVES 12"). We decided those songs should have a small, but fitting home. This is that home.

Hand packaged CDR's, which if you'd like one can be sent out for literally nothing. Free shit.

Anyway, above is the original artwork we used for labels, and some photos of the finished thing. Found images, paper, tape, Kinkos and more. Leave a comment, or send an email if you'd like one.

Oh and if any one books good shows, or otherwise knows about that sort of thing, hit Michael up:

P.S Expect the second release from SLEEVES in a matter of days (a week and a half MAX).


S.Lemon said...

Looks rad. I'm interested in receiving one.

nicholas alan said...

I would love one:

Nicholas Almendinger
580 potomac
buffalo ny 14222

L said...

Laura Newby
14241 Arbor Forest Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

P.M said...

Thanks guys!

I'll try to get you each sent something out by the end of the week. Please let us know what you think when you get them...

P.M said...

Oh and S.Lemon: Send me your address!

S.Lemon said...

Sorry about that, meant to follow up with an email but got busy. Email has been sent.

Thanks for doing this!

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AL Boy said...

Alexander korff
1336 prospect dr.
Redlands ca 92373


justin visnesky said...

i'd love to have one:

1700 Buena Vista Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212