Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Naval Clothing Factory.

{I've had my eye on one of these caps at UNIS for a while now. I'd been hesitant because of the price, but last week my wife pointed out they also bore a stamp with my initials. Strange but true. Anyway SIMON is in New York at the moment, along with the rest of the CLUBHOUSE, and being both a scholar and a gentleman, offered to pick me up the very last one while they were over at the store, talking with the owner about the UNIS LINE for a future issue. Simon Roe: A good fucking man, with no issues regarding the wearing of Cashmere whatsoever}


sex dwarf said...

lemmy get a hat! and you just gotta get that stuff on youtube. like in back to the future i can see pics of me turing transparent. -because people are forgetting about me.

Unknown said...

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