Saturday, August 28, 2010


This new tradition started at the end of last season, went into overdrive during the World Cup, and is back in full force with the arrival of the new Premier League season (aka Theo Time). Watching football in the earlier hours of the morning, a fair distance from home, leaves a gap for the traditional mid-game banter. Luckily there is the internet:

S. Hate Theo, but what a finish!
P. Such a good goal. Hate Theo? Are you kidding me?
S. Yeah he's a knob mate. Good goal though.
P. You, my boy, are just jealous. Always been a fan. If he wore a blue shirt you'd be all over him like a rash.
S. He'll never wear a blue shirt; not good enough! What the fuck has Song done to his hair? Used to me my favourite Arsenal player! Have a word.
P. I think it's his own version of a Rod Stewart type number! It's so good I'm thinking of getting it done myself...
S. Rod Stewart? One of the grannies from the Shreddies adverts more like. Google it.
P. Googled. Fancy some Shreddies now. I like the idea of Grannies making it in a sweatshop...
S. Regular Shreddies or those Frosted jams?
P. Regs mate. I'm an add your own sugar kind of guy.

Just a small example of The Back & Forth of Saturday Morning Football. Cheers for filling the void MATE. So to speak.

{Incidentally is there a way to turn THIS into a terrace chant you think?}


Ryan said...

Haha, frosted jams!

But Theo shops at Margaret Howell, how can you hate that!

P.M said...

Does he now? You can hate on anything if you've got a sixer of Haterade permanently on cool in the fridge...

TGF said...

A sixer? Make that a keg and you'd be about halfway there!

P.M said...

Oh yeah, I thought you were more a wine-box type of guy? A bit classier than a keg, and I hear Haterade do that. Like a giant carton of envy green soda. With one of those little plastic taps. Fits perfectly in the door shelf.

Hating's the new black anyway.

Trust me, I'm a goth.