Monday, December 27, 2010


Sorry mate...


S: Hating this!
P: Loving it. Sorry. Hating not being able to watch it properly though.
S: FUCK OFF. Not that prick. Anyone but him!
P: Why?
S: Huh? It's 3-0 now. And Theo scored.
P: What? My feed just fucked up! Holy shit
S: Ha, your feed is fucked. It's like a season behind.


P: Okay I'm back. Theo score another yet? No but you did, I see. So it's not over yet.
S: Er, it's over.
P: Your season you mean?
S: No, just the game mate. Bet we still win more than you!
P: Ha
S: I'm not joking; I bet we do. We're guaranteed to win the Bird Shooter Cup anyway.
P: Well I may not win the Bird Shooter, but I'll take the consolaton of placing above you!
S: In what? The Champions League? No. The league? No.
P: The Carling Cup.
S: Hahaha, was just typing that!


S: No! Drogba's taking corners now. First penalties, now corners.
P: Not a good sign...
S: Get in the middle you mug.


Christophe said...

Ha ha...had a feeling I might find something of this nature here today after I saw the highlights last night!

Unknown said...
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