Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It seems strange now not to have an "afterword".

I made this post early this morning, having had it sitting around on my desktop for over a week. I've always been a fan of Mr Twombly's work (more HERE), and felt like this place needed some fresh examples.

I suppose this was coupled with a recent, more newly found, appreciation of sculpture in all it's various forms.

I thought now was a good time.

Turns out: a strange time.

I did not know he had passed until Christophe left his comment, and so immediately checked The Times. Shocked, and feeling strange.

However you look at it, it's odd that I chose this morning to publish this post, just a few hours before the news of his death.


A true great, in each of his disciplines.


Christophe said...

R.I.P...sad news.

P.M said...

Holy holy shit.

This post was made this morning.

I had no idea he had passed away.

Life is so so strange.

This actually kind of blows my mind.

One of my favourites; one of the greats.

A sad day indeed.