Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gentleman Tours

{RYAN recently sent me over a few new photos, from the making of issue 2 along with the INVENTORY boy's recent european tour of duty. After Florence, Paris, and London I wonder how the humidity of New York is gonna stand up? The Gent arrived yesterday, Ryan to follow next week. Hopefully both brought shorts, cut-off's or otherwise}


op said...

you really think TGF travels sans cut-offs? no chance.

Anonymous said...

Noted. Shorts. Not a problem, you know I'm not afraid to expose the chicken legs.

P.M said...

Sure enough... first day here and the cut-off's are already out in force!

OP debut comment?

Jerry: Dude those sticks will be clammy in anything other than hotpants... I know you have no problems exposing them to the elements!