Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thanks Walter.

Once more. After a recent post, an interview recommendation, and talk of how it's long been rumored there was, or would be, and finally there is this:

"For your reading pain and pleasure, we’ve got a debut from that musical master of S&M, Bill Callahan. Letters To Emma Bowlcut is just that, a series of communiqu├ęs from an unknown writer to a girl he calls Emma Bowlcut. Of course, this book is so much more as well - an epistolary exposition of a man’s soul told in half a dialogue. The tone is dry, acerbic, sympathetic and occasionally Mitty-esque – the words of someone used to living in his own head, with all the possibilities that affords. It’s a hip-pocket paperback perfect for adolescent lifestyles, ideal for reading at bus stops and in-between customers. It’s gonna make a great library book too. Before it gets to the library, now’s your chance – get your own personal copy of Bill Callahan’s Letters To Emma Bowlcut."

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