Thursday, July 29, 2010


{My good friend JARED recently ditched the digi full time, and hung up his wheels for a season, got himself a Jaguar and a pair of Quoddy's and started taking longer walks. Special guest appearance by THE OL' MULE. Who crushed the internet, before there was even an internet to crush. 2 good dudes who I miss a lot. The West Coast beckons: after 5 years here we've still not made it over for a visit...}


Anonymous said...

please come out between semesters. it would be great for you to see not only sf but the redwoods and sierras as well. maybe about 10 days. have a great time with jarebear and remember he's just on loan. nyc doesn't get to keep him.

J.R.C. said...

Woah Philip! Thanks for the post. I thought my eyes had deceived me when I went here today. See you in 5 days babe!
by the way, the ol' mule is my muse. He's gorgeous on film.