Saturday, November 28, 2009

Houston, November.

{There is an amazing Cy Twombly gallery tucked away amongst the rest of the Menil Gallery in the middle of a residential neighborhood here in Houston. Spent an hour or so there the day before Thanksgiving}


Anonymous said...

I've never complimented anyone about their blog except Mr. 4Q (Max Schaff) and you are my second. From Cy Twombly to Kenneth Cappello??? Spot on sir. Your site is always inspiring.
Thank you very much,Bernard
p.s. - I skated the Houston EZ-7 ditch back in the 80's and highly recommend it.

P.M said...

Bernard, thanks so much. That's so awesome.Im in good company if it's just me and Max. Damn.

EZ7 ditch is still rad. No board this trip unfortunately though!

Anyway thanks again man. Means a lot. Hope you keep coming back.