Friday, November 13, 2009

Slow Process.

{Piece by piece, I'm still putting this THING together. Updating it as and when. At least with something new to look at.

You can now download the first S.C.P release, by Mr Michael Murphy HERE.

We've been talking recently about a follow-up too. So maybe towards the middle of winter...

Also: Some plans have changed. Some things have not worked out the way I intended. I'm trying not to be disheartened. You'll see. I'm sure by the end of the year. Anyway, like most endeavors in life, there are good reasons behind the good intentions. I have too many (of both) perhaps. Besides which some new opportunities have come up for future Sleeves releases over the last few weeks, the last couple of days, and as always I'll keep them, and you, and myself up to speed on here.

Thanks to everyone who's kept me on my toes with encouragement, advice, and inspiration over the last year or so

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