Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear The Internet, Jog on. Signed, J.S

{A good magazine, one you read like a book; cover to cover, is still one of the most important mediums of communication and inspiration currently, and readily, available. Even the high-brow top-ticket fashion versions, the ones that go for $20 plus, are still worth the money if done correctly. If for no other reason than this: Spending the time to read one, to take in all that new information, means - at the very least - an evening spent without turning on the computer once}

If there was a way to print JS instead - a way that I could afford, and give away for free- I really think I would.

Until then:


Just for starters.


Christophe said...
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Christophe said...

I doff my cap to you sir...and I for one would love to see a print version of J.S become a reality.

TGF said...

Feels like that was inspired by yesterday's package. Good look on the link hierarchy too.

P.M said...

TGF: Always thinking you're center of the universe...

Nah it was 100% inspired by that package. And the evening and morning that followed. Thank you once again.

Christophe: thanks for the encouragement. Maybe some day in some form or other. I'll keep trying to make anything I do for other publications as much like JS as I can in the mean time...!

Lauren Taylor said...

I love what you gather and put out. I think your work is so beautiful. I wish I could explain what your posts make me feel... At least, while I was at a loss for words one day, I started my own :) This from a girl who said she never would - (love. print. love. print. love) - THANK YOU.