Sunday, May 16, 2010


{THE BLUE HOUR / Brian Ferry}

- Thank You For The Email -


Unknown said...

Hey, hey!

One of those pictures (the one with painted canvas of a table with vases) is from Hurwundeki's cafe! It's fairly close where me and Ali live. They also have an antiques shop. And a clothes shop and hair salon. We'll go there when you guys come here! :D


Tea x

P.M said...

We can't wait to be there!! Hope you guys are doing well... How are the new projects coming along?

Unknown said...

Well, the new projects are coming along... Ali's been busy recording and I've been busy sewing. I've set myself a deadline, so need to keep the ball rolling!

Just got my first issue of 'apartamento'. Very excited about that.

Have you guys moved yet?