Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For Today.

{No pressure, hey? Likely to be the best, or the worst, way to start my day. There's no point crossing fingers either. I suppose once we're knocked out I can relax and enjoy the spectacle from a neutral standpoint (Come on Ghana). And then, once it's all over, I'll be on the look out for THIS. It looks good. I mean Subbuteo? Classic. I spend a good 30 minutes explaining how amazing the game was to the LBF last week. Turns out the genius doesn't translate so well... Little men, on wobbly bases, like a half-sphere, and you sort of; flick them. At on oversize ball. And the arms and heads always break off. And my dad nailed the mat down to massive piece of plywood...}

* Update: Phew!


TGF said...

Got you covered mate; I'll bring a copy with me in a couple of weeks.

P.M said...

Sweet. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping that would be the case!