Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Stockroom

{So I meant to do this much earlier in the week, but time got away from me, and now it's Sunday. Regardless: The Boys just recently opened up the first brick & mortar Stockroom, in Vancouver. The space doubles as the magazine office too, and is light, well designed and simply merchandised. It looks amazing. Although I've not been there, hearing about it, and seeing it grow stage by stage has been a pleasure to experience. If you live up that way stop in, if you don't: There's still THIS}

45 Powell St,
Vancouver, BC
V6A 1E9
+1 (604) 568 5889


TGF said...

Thanks as always; plenty of JS exclusives in there too!

Anonymous said...

Philip, the inventory folks as well as you have this uncanny eye for aesthetics. (the old mule and I were talking about it over coffee the other day in SF) Incredible. Really admire all the photos on their site as well.

P.M said...

TGF: you're welcome mate, as always.
JARED: thanks man. Those guys definitely do and it's nice to know you guys think I do too. I'll pick up a copy of te mag this week and get it out to you. That jacket too. Just been kinda hectic trying to find a new apartment! Apologies.

Nathan Williams said...

so pleased to have found your blog
this place is full of inspiration!

P.M said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words. Sorry for the very late reply!