Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stayed North Too Long

{So I suppose this has been out a little while now, and I think down there somewhere I promised to talk a little about the latest issue of Inventory Magazine in a bit more detail. Anyway, seeing as how a lot of places have just received their copies from the re-printed edition (the first sold out within a week or two), I thought now might be a good time to share some images from the shoot my good friend NICHOLAS shot, and my wonderful wife NATASHA styled. Myself and MR ROE had a hand in the art direction and a troubled but wonderful friend JAMES was the model for the day. I think everyone was really excited about the results and honored by its inclusion in the magazine.

Aside from the shoot you can see a piece of short fiction from me with an accompanying image shot by another great friend DAVE POTES, along with a couple of reviews here and there too.

Issue 4 is well on its way already, and it's with both excitement and anxiousness I'm able to say I'll have a few more things in that issue too (one if which got it's fan-boy nerd alert start today).

Busy, wonderful, times}


sex dwarf said...

dear beloved phill.. i speak to you from boston... its fiske.. "hey" my part is done,, i thought i would ask you for a topping of backside 270 pick that i could sprinkle in teh video for flavour... i dont have that trick.... might go with the part... somebody stole my email... maybe you could send the old tape and i will send back to you something better... my adress is 13 western ave wakefield mass 01880.. colin fiske..... i will send you something better if you do send it... nothin sexual

Unknown said...

just the last two sentences, of ff's comment...made the visit here worth while. ;)