Sunday, September 28, 2008

House Arrest

So for the most part, aside from taxis to and from work, and a one off movie showing, I've not really left the house for approaching 3 weeks now. I mean I've hopped to dinner once, helped with laundry, and been to get stuff from the deli a couple of times, but to be honest nothing's that exciting on crutches.

Anyway post-debate on Friday, we ventured an extra block to the little deli that sells a decent selection of magazines.

Literally 2 minutes from our house. And there on the bottom shelf almost hidden from view: 3 copies of the aforementioned Apartamento Magazine. Issue One.

I like my neighborhood a lot, and I like tiny one in a million chances even more.

They had a sticker on the front declaring it was $25, but a sneaky peel-away later and I discovered the selling price was actually listed on the front of the magazine as $15. One-Zero, to Me.

Anyway, it's great and I'm glad I managed to pick up a copy before issue two arrives next month.

Speaking of issue two's arriving next month...

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