Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm a visual pack rat. I see stuff I like- photos, drawings, words, a table, a pair of shoes - and I steal it (on the internet of course) because I know that one day I'll need it. I'll want it and I'll want to find it. This is the same reasoning behind the piles of magazines, and books we have accumilated over shorter, more middle, and longer pieces of time. And then the internet went and got itself invented (although really that happened long before all this anyway), and now I have an I-Photo full of random images I like, for some reason or another.

A few I know who took them, a couple I can remember where I got them from, a few I know who is in them, but for the most part they're random photos, and drawings I just liked enough to save someplace.

I've never put any of that up here, or anywhere else, for fear of having people emailing away complaining that I'd stolen their work, or put it out without consent or credit. Plus I'd feel kind of stupid for putting up stuff I myself have no idea where it originated from.

But the last few days have got me thinking, that there's some kind of worth in all that. Maybe. An online scrap book, or box of photos under the bed or something. We'll see, this fucker is running pretty low while I wait to get some films back, or finish up some writing stuff I've been procrastinating over since around the dawn of time.

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