Thursday, June 11, 2009


I either have some kind of worm/virus on my computer (that would be awesome), or someone hacked my shit. A few weeks ago someone ordered a bunch of shit using my Amazon account, but not my credit card. And then today some lowly piece of shit used mine and my wifes paypal account to treat themselves to a Megauploud subscription for a year, and then tried to take out $1000 from my credit card. Awesome.

So now we have cancel everything, credit cards, bank accounts, Paypal accounts; the works.

Fuck you dude.


A A D D A A M M C C said...

is this you? dang mang. that's nuts. i sort of want to do all that just to start fresh. had all my accounts for years now.

P.M said...

seriously dude, do it. I'm fucking bummed. from now on I'm gonna change my shit yearly. plus I'm a douchebag that uses the same password for everything.

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